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The Newcomer family moved to Williams County in 1847. Since the first log cabin was built on the property, we have felt a strong commitment to the community we call home. The partnerships we have built in northwest Ohio have helped our farm and family survive the highs and lows of the economy and learn to embrace advancement in technology.

As a family and as a business, we are committed to giving back to the community that has been our home for six generations. One of the ways we honor that commitment is by hosting community events that invite friends and neighbors to celebrate the beauty of our community and learn more about the agricultural industry that fuels our local economy.

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Faith, family and the future of Newcomer Century Farm

By Dusty Sonnenberg, CCA, Ohio Field Leader

The original mallet used to drive pegs into the posts when the old barn was built on the farm almost 150 years ago sits in a glass display case near Glen Newcomer’s desk. The cabinet in the corner of his office is made from the logs that were a part of the first log cabin on the farm originally homesteaded in 1866 by Nathaniel Newcomer, Glen’s great-great-grandfather.

Six generations later, located just south of Bryan, Newcomer Farms is a cash grain operation that has diversified to include a seed dealership and crop insurance agency as a part of their business. The family does not need to look far to find history to help guide its future.

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